Check out the new website for Popsfabrication.

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New Shirt Design

A new design representing my city as well as my love for video games. Hope you enjoy


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The Shark Man Cometh

This friday Belalavie had an artshow starring one of San Jose’s premiere artists Abel Gonzales. But when I think of him, the only name that comes to mind is “The Shark Man” His take on these ocean dwelling beauties cannot be compared, and his solo show showed us just that. I had the pleasure of taking some pictures, so please enjoy them. Hit him up for custom work, since him and his band of artists can do just about anything your mind can imagine. All pieces are for sale so email for availability at http://agoriginals.com/ and head to the Belalavie Boutique at 311 E. Campbell Ave. Campbell Ca. 95008 and their website at www.belalavieboutique.com for jewelery,skateboards, and other rad stuff.


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Shoot The Moon

The homies at Breezy Excursion put out their first full length skate video. The B.E.S.T team has been putting in work and here is proof!!! Enjoy and Support your local skate team.

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A Day At The Tracks

The homies got permission to paint on some walls in Santa Clara. Enjoy the footage and as always, support local artists and your local scene

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Something From Nothing The Art Of Rap

In theaters June 15,2012 is a documentary about hip hop. For all true hip hop heads this is a wonderful look in the world we love. How it started where it started and what it is today. Go check it out!!


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Luxurious Bike Club And Pops Fabrication Present…….

The 1st annual Luxurious Bike Club And Pops Fabrication Bicycle show. Today was the perfect day to be outside and the perfect day for a Custom and Lowrider bicycle show. I Showed up a little late but was still able to catch a little of it. Here are some pics of the event. Enjoy!!

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I have the coolest nephew ever. He is a little ball of energy know as Kalel “Young Baby Lel” Roseblade” He is 2 and 1/2 and loves to dance and by dance, I mean Break dance. We took him to one B-Boy show and its like he absorbed it all up. He loves to draw as well and with an artist like his daddy I can understand why. We had the pleasure of having him come out with us to some shows this past week and here are some pics. Enjoy!!

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Inglorious Vandals

Empire 7 studios had a show this past Friday and the title was Inglorious Vandals. It was a sticker show/art show and it was packed with sticker hungry kids with their black books in hand ready for anyone to hit up. The turnout was great, too bad I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing but here are some pictures from what I did see. The show is up from June 8th to June 29th so check it out. The location is 525 N. 7th street San Jose, Ca 95112

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