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Hypebeast Mob

Here is a design I’m doin for a contest.

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New Shirt Design

A new design representing my city as well as my love for video games. Hope you enjoy


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A Day At The Tracks

The homies got permission to paint on some walls in Santa Clara. Enjoy the footage and as always, support local artists and your local scene

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A Dr’s Life

Painting at Pops Fabrication In San Jose Califprnia

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Supra Sky Boot

I have always been a fan of boots. Whether they are Timbos or Nike ACG I have always liked them. As soon as I saw these though I almost pissed my pants 1. because I love the Skytop and combining them with The Douglas is pure genius  and 2. I probably shouldn’t of drank that much beer and went to the movies. Anyways I hope you enjoy the pics and make sure you pick yourself up a pair

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 when they drop.

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July Bike Party

This past Friday was another wonderful installment of a San Jose staple, the Bike Party. This months theme was Mad Science and a some of the folks did their best to go with the theme, but most ended up doing their own thing as usual. It started at Cannery park where alot of the local SJ cats work and chill at and had a pretty good turnout. Pops fabrication was kind enough to raffle off a 8 Series bike and phil wood gave away a set of rims. Big shout out to those  dudes as well as everyone who turned out. Here are some pics that I took so enjoy and as always, Keep it local.

Peace, Love, Respect

Gift 2 Gab Artshow

Last week Gift 2 Gab art gallery had a Graff/B-boy show and even though It was hot as hell, there was a really good turnout. They had 5 trucks come out and various artists painted on them. A few of the artists were Drift, DOC, Amend,  King 157, Doper. There was a B-Boy show as well. There were 4 popping crews and 2 break dancing crews. Not sure how many else showed up since I left before it ended. There was also vendors there as well selling T-shirts, graff mags, hats and other dope gear. Some of the vendors were Clout, 4G’s, the F Word and a few more that I can’t remember. Anyways, enjoy the pictures and remember to support you local B-Boys,Graff artists,and Local brands.

Peace, Love, Respect