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A Day At The Tracks

The homies got permission to paint on some walls in Santa Clara. Enjoy the footage and as always, support local artists and your local scene

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Inglorious Vandals

Empire 7 studios had a show this past Friday and the title was Inglorious Vandals. It was a sticker show/art show and it was packed with sticker hungry kids with their black books in hand ready for anyone to hit up. The turnout was great, too bad I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing but here are some pictures from what I did see. The show is up from June 8th to June 29th so check it out. The location is 525 N. 7th street San Jose, Ca 95112

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Its Been A While

This past Friday one of San Jose’s finest had an art show at local boutique Cukui. Issac “Joke” Helm has been in the game for a hot minute. His blend of graffiti and island style has put him on the map as one of San Jose’s premiere artists. The event was packed with friends and family and here are some pics I was able to take. Hope you enjoy and as I always say, Support local artists and Rep San Jose till you die!!

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