Shoot The Moon

The homies at Breezy Excursion put out their first full length skate video. The B.E.S.T team has been putting in work and here is proof!!! Enjoy and Support your local skate team.

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A Day At The Tracks

The homies got permission to paint on some walls in Santa Clara. Enjoy the footage and as always, support local artists and your local scene

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Something From Nothing The Art Of Rap

In theaters June 15,2012 is a documentary about hip hop. For all true hip hop heads this is a wonderful look in the world we love. How it started where it started and what it is today. Go check it out!!


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New video from the Homie Rey Resurrecction

Rey Resurrecction with another classic. As always support our local artists and Rep San Jose till you die!!

A Dr’s Life

Painting at Pops Fabrication In San Jose Califprnia

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